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Thursday, January 31, 2002

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Unreal Tournament X Preview 2 Released
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Fans of Unreal Tournament should be happy to hear that a new preview of the Carbonized version of the shooter is now available for Mac OS X. Glenda Adams of Westlake Interactive has apparently made some good progress with the loading bug that was causing issues for many gamers. Preview 2 also fixes a bug where modifier keys weren't working. If you're brave enough to try the preview, you'll need a full installation of Unreal Tournament updated to version 436 or the Game of the Year edition.

Here's a list of issues still known with the update:

  • UT X only supports OpenGL rendering. Support for software rendering will likely not be added, RAVE and Glide will never be.
  • There have been no OS X specific optimizations yet. The game should run approximately the same speed as OS 9 in OpenGL, but there are some rough spots.
  • Compiler optimizations have had to be turned down to a lower level in UT X, due to problems with bad code generation in CodeWarrior 7.
  • Music is not supported (and may not be ever under OS X).
  • Mouse controls may be a bit sluggish. Turning up the mouse speed in the Preferences is recommended.
  • The entire sound library has been replaced — this may cause sound problems or performance issues. The sound library may be replaced again in the future, so sound bugs may not be fixed immediately in future releases.
  • The game will only run in full screen mode. This may never change. If you accidently switch out of full screen, quit, open unreal tournament.ini, and set StartupFullscreen to True.
  • NGStats don't work (for Mac servers). Make sure and leave them off. If they are turned on, the game will probably freak out at the end of a level. It's unknown if ngStats will ever make OS X native versions of their software.
  • Support for input devices other than mouse & keyboard doesn't work. Alternate mouse buttons may or may not work.
If you find issues in the preview not mentioned here, be sure to e-mail a detailed report to .Congratulations to Westlake for their progress on this side project so far. Head over to MacGameFiles for the small download.

Unreal Tournament
Westlake Interactive
MGF: Unreal Tournament X Preview 2 (1 MB)

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Archives  News  Unreal Tournament X Preview 2 Released