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Thursday, January 31, 2002
Tac Ops Goes Commercial
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Tactical Ops is an Unreal Tournament mod that is one of the most popular to date. Featuring real-world weapons and more realistic damage, this mod is often compared to Counter-Strike in terms of gameplay. Apparently, this popularity caught the attention of Infogrames, which has decided to publish a commercial version under the name, Tac Ops: Assault on Terror.

Quick to get more information on this hot topic, GameSpy managed to get hold of Infogrames' Rafael Curulla and hammer him with questions regarding the acquisition and publishing of Tac Ops. The long and the short of it is that Infogrames plans on publishing Tac Ops as a standalone title that does not require UT in order to be played.

In an effort to entice the thousands of people who already own both UT and a copy of Tac Ops, which is a free download, Infogrames is planning on polishing up Tac Ops quite a bit:

Tac Ops: Assault on Terror is a stand-alone product with many changes compared to the current mod, such as new maps, new skins, new textures, new weapons, improved gameplay, animation and models. And of course the majority of bugs fixed. There are some players out there who donít like playing UT (can you believe that??? ;)) and would rather play a counter-terrorism, more realistic game. The retail version will offer these players such an experience, without having them to buy a version of UT. In addition, the single player mode will be improved compared to what it is currently.
Players will continue to be able to download the mod for free, but, Curulla stresses several times during the interview that the retail version will contain unique content.

Those interested in more information can check out both the interview at GameSpy and Infogrames' newly posted Tac Ops info page. Though both pages mention only a PC version, a Mac version shouldn't be that big of a stretch, considering that the mod and UT itself have been available to Mac users for quite some time now.

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