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Monday, July 31, 2000
Mac AvP Source Code Plans
11:05 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Last week, in a very bold move, Fox Interactive released the source code to the Gold PC version of Aliens versus Predator. This is a huge deal for programmers itching to get their hands dirty and see what makes this shooter tick. AvPNews recently posted Fox programmer Dave Stalker's update to his .plan file, which announced the news for the PC audience. Here's a clip:

Here's a little bit of news for y'all: after listening to your many heartfelt pleas and discussing the matter both internally at Fox and also with our Rebellion chums, I am outrageously happy to present to you the original, the best, the only...SOURCE CODE FOR AVP GOOOOOOLD!!!!!

Seriously, we really do want to help out the fans who want to play around in the AvP sandpit so take it with our blessings and go do fun things with it, I look forward to seeing what people get up to.

After seeing what impressive developments projects such the Marathon Open Source group have inspired, we can't wait to see what might be accomplished with the source of a recent game such as AvP.

For those cynics who are frustrated by the long delay of the Mac version of this game, being ported by Logicware, Bill Heineman has posted to Usenet that there's no need to take the code and try to make a Mac build out of it. Here's an excerpt from his post:

Actually, we were DISCUSSING (This is NOT an announcement) about the idea
that we put the mac source on the Mac CD of AvP. Since the source to the pc
version was out, there really wasn't a reason not to do this.
One interesting side-effect of a source-code release might be that the DirectPlay emulation code Heineman has been working on could be released to the public, enabling others to use it for their Mac ports of PC games that use this proprietary networking code. Since this plan is anything but official, take this with a grain of salt -- we will let you know both when AvP will be released and if it will contain the source as soon as we can.


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