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Tuesday, January 29, 2002
Target Rabaul Development Update
6:00 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

The development team behind Target Rabaul, the upcoming WWII-era flight simulator developed around Sickware's game engine, have updated their web site with some additional news regarding the game's progress. Along with an updated Targetware engine, the following features have been added:

  • Lapwin designed some really neat graphics for us which will show up in .32 and elsewhere.
  • Blowhard finished up 2 great textures for our Japanese trucks.
  • Got a first look at the Beaufighter 3D model... nice!
  • Flight Models readied for Beaufighter I and VI.
  • Upgraded all FMs to conform to .32 changes
  • Did some testing with new terrain resolutions, and settled on a 250m resolution terrain for use with the .32 build. This terrain is really going to look nice with proper textures.
  • Added F4U-1A (bubble top) Corsair 3D model
  • Fixed a bug with the Rufe 3D model that was causing low FPS
  • Located and purchased several sets of ships plans. Work is newly underway on a liberty ship and a Gato class submarine.
  • Several of the artists previewed possible future airplanes they have been working on. Wirra-what!?
  • Lots of tweaks to existing 3D models and textures; too many to mention (or remember :-)
Target Rabaul: Pacific Air War is the first of a series of campaigns being developed that will allegedly cover the entire theater of World War II, with a strong focus on realism and historical accuracy:
The heart of the game is a hyperstrategy-driven flight sim that will allow the player to experience the overall flow of the war from its start on December 7, 1941, to the last day of combat, August 15, 1945, while flying combat missions common to the day-to-day operations of the war. The first campaign that Target Rabaul will model is the 1943 New Guinea/Solomons Campaign.
No release date has been announced yet.

Target Rabaul
Target Rabaul: Dev Team News

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