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Monday, July 31, 2000

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Deus Ex Demo Delay Details
10:35 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

We announced on Friday that the Mac demo for Deus Ex should be released today; however, as is often the case, delays do arise. Mark Adams, president of Westlake Interactive, has made a post to Usenet explaining why this demo is going to be delayed a small while. Here's his post:

The demo may be delayed a couple days, we had everything mostly ready to go and hit some snags doing the few changes to the scripts (some files were missing so we could build everything). We contacted Ion Storm to get the missing files late last week, but several of the staff there were out of town, so we haven't received the files yet. The good news is they all should be back today, so as soon as we get the files we'll be ready to go.
So look for information on this demo very soon here and at our sister-site It's going to be a beast of a download (over 140MB), but those without the bandwidth can always wait for the next issue of IMG, which will have the demo and much, much more.

Deus Ex is of course the much-lauded work of Warren Spector and Ion Storm, a shooter/RPG hybrid from the creator of System Shock. For more information on this engrossing single-player experience, check out our detailed preview. Deus Ex is in stores now, brought to the Mac OS by Westlake and Asypr Media.

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