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Monday, January 28, 2002
Laminar Hosts Airplane Design Contest
6:00 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Laminar Research, maker of the popular general-aviation simulator X-Plane, has announced a design contest revolving around a revolutionary new jet engine being produced by engineering firm Williams International in cooperation with NASA.

Williams International is now introducing the FJX-2 supersonic turbofan engine, a reportedly low-cost jet engine that promises to be the "next revolution in aviation," according to Laminar Research. While aircraft designer Eclipse has successfully drafted an aircraft utilizing two FJX-2's, the real challenge is producing an aircraft bearing only one of the low-cost turbofans.

Laminar Research has announced that it will award an as-yet-undisclosed prize to whomever can design a stable and economically viable aircraft using X-Plane and its aircraft-design tools. Contest entries will be judged based on range, speed, economy, stability and handling, and appearance. As of yet, this contest is not being sponsored by any major aircraft design firm.

The FJX-2 is a supersonic turbofan engine weighing 100 pounds and capable of producing around 700 pounds of thrust. X-Plane is Laminar Research's advanced aircraft design and simulation tool, allowing owners to fly pre-designed or custom-built airplanes in a realistic simulation environment.

Laminar Research
Williams International: FJX-2
X-Plane Design Contest

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Archives  News  Laminar Hosts Airplane Design Contest