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Thursday, January 24, 2002
Unreal Tournament 2 Q&A
6:00 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

The gaming experts over at GameSpot UK recently conducted an interview with Pancho Eekels, lead designer of Unreal Tournament 2. UT2, based on the upcoming Unreal 2 engine, promises to be a very substantial improvement over the original Unreal Tournament, which is still highly popular among Mac and PC gamers alike.

In this excerpt, some of the more interesting improvements from the older UT are discussed:

GS: Apart from a new version of the Unreal graphics engine, what are the biggest changes between the original Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2?

PE: There are many refinements. The single-player is much different from its predecessor. You now are the captain of a persistent but evolving team. You play the single-player game, upgrade your team by hiring "free agents" or increasing the ability of your teammates. Imagine the possibilities when you play the game and can refine your team to your taste or style of play!

GS: What sorts of changes are there to the Unreal Tournament weapons and items?

PE: We took a hard look at what people actually liked online, and since this game has a large multiplayer influence, we decided on taking out, enhancing, or changing some of the weapons that were in the original Unreal Tournament. We set out to reduce some of the "spammy" feel that some of the weapons had. So, for instance, the flak cannon shards now actually bounce much less. The sniper rifle has been replaced by an instant-hit lightning gun that has the same function but is more visible when you use it so that it gives the others the chance to find out more easily where it came from (if he missed!).

GS: The original Unreal Tournament used a relatively limited number of models that all followed the human space marine look. Will Unreal Tournament 2 expand the number of models and types of characters available? Are there new customization options?

PE: Oh yes! The limited number of models was a shortcoming in Unreal Tournament, so we made sure that the player can now choose from a wide variety of models, with each of the models having several custom skins. We still have a team that follows the space marine look, but since we have these vastly different worlds that are featured in the game, we added many different types and personalities to the character selection.

The full interview contains many more interesting details concerning this highly anticipated title. Follow the link below to read more.

Epic Games
GameSpot UK: Unreal Tournament 2 Interview

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