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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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Interview Talks Lineage Plans
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview up at The Electric Playground talks with NCSoft about their massively multiplayer online RPG coming soon to the Mac, Lineage: The Blood Pledge. David Swofford, an attendee at the recent Macworld Expo, gives some good information on the game, along with chief operating officer Kyuho Kim. They discuss the current plans for the North American launch of the popular title, future titles, and a bit about the Mac version due out next month.

Some of the more interesting tidbits include the fact that Lineage 2 should be announced as a 3D sequel to the game in a few months in Korea. Other games are also in the queue, though not much about them is known at this point. Lineage for the Mac was ported to Mac OS X in a few months by NCSoft's Jake Song, which bodes well for their other games down the road. Here's an excerpt from the chat:

Electric Playground: What's next for Lineage?

David Swofford: The Mac version will release with episode 10. When we say episode 10, that essentially includes all episodes up to that. We have two more episodes that will release this year. The team in Korea is working on episode 11. Beyond that, not anything we can announce publicly at this stage. It's sufficient to say it's our first-born, we're going to take care of it. We've got plans to announce beyond episode 12 and how we're going to grow the service.

We're looking to upgrade Lineage even before we hit Lineage 2.0. I think people are going to see some significant improvements in the current game, so we're going to continue to work on that, but we're going to continue to expand and have new products. In order to be a dominant leader in online entertainment, you have to.

Lineage's payment system is based on a monthly fee, though the client application is free to download and distribute. The episodes he refers to above are updates to the game which NCSoft adds to the game world free of charge. Stay tuned to IMG for much more on the Mac version of Lineage as it nears release in the coming weeks.

Electric Playground: Lineage Interview

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