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Wednesday, January 23, 2002
Television's Interest in Gaming
6:00 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story is reporting on the TV industry's recent surge of interest in gaming, citing the upcoming G4 gaming channel and Charter Communications' gaming-on-demand service.

G4, which will be broadcast by Comcast together with Insight Communications, will debut in over five million homes this April, featuring seven hours of original programming per week, which is considerable for an upstart channel. It is not known yet how much of this content will be specifically of use to Mac gamers, but with the number of cross-platform, A-list games reaching the market recently, there is sure to be something useful.

In this excerpt, Charles Hirschhorn, the CEO of G4 Media, had this to say:

This is a lifestyle channel. The game community deserves a channel. There have been decades of great work, and they deserve this channel, and our goal is to complement this community. In terms of hard-core gamers, we have to appeal to those people, but good television is accessible to casual gamers.
The article goes on to discuss the effect of the current economy and national tone on home entertainment diversity, as well as the projected future of television gaming services.

Follow the link below to read the rest of Wired's article.

G4 Media
Insight Communications
Wired: TV is Going Ga-Ga Over Games

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