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Tuesday, January 22, 2002
JeuxMac and Mac4Gamer Interview Glenda Adams
9:48 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

French Mac gaming web sites JeuxMac and Mac4Gamer have published a joint interview by the former's Mathias and the latter's Didier "Grouik" Pulciani with Mac gaming goddess Glenda Adams of Westlake Interactive.

Few persons in the Mac gaming industry have brought as much to our community as Glenda (formerly Mark) Adams: the list of A-level games she or her company has ported reads like an Homeric catalog.

Here are a couple of excerpts to whet your appetite:

Grouik: What do you think about some people, as Brad Oliver, who are working during their free time (like you) on original projects for the Macintosh?

Adams: At Westlake we've always encouraged our programmers to have fun in their spare time, whether it means working on other side games or whatever. I think its great what Brad does with MacMAME, and I have a fun time doing original shareware games with my spouse, Suellen. It gives us a chance to do different types of programming and design we don't get to do in our day jobs....

Mathias: What's the price of a game development?

Adams: A medium to large size Mac port costs anywhere from $50K to $100K to develop. There are some smaller games, like those based on existing engines (Quake 3, Unreal), and larger ones, especially games that have their own complete 3D engine, like Max Payne.

The interview, conducted in English, is available at both sites in its original language as well as in a French translation.

JeuxMac: Interview with Glenda Adams
Mac4Gamer: Interview with Glenda Adams
Westlake Interactive

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Archives  News  JeuxMac and Mac4Gamer Interview Glenda Adams