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Tuesday, January 22, 2002
MOO3 Interview with William C. Fisher
7:35 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

If you're a fan of the Master of Orion series of turn-based strategy games, Blue Monday has posted an interview that will certainly grab your attention. The staff at Blue Monday sat down with Quicksilver president William C. Fisher to discuss the upcoming galactic empire-building epic, Master of Orion 3, the long-awaited third installment in the ground-breaking series. MOO3 is a departure from previous titles in that the player is no longer required to bother with the layers of micromanagement that are a common feature of other turn-based strategy games, including the first two Master of Orion titles. MOO3 is expected for release sometime during summer 2002.

Fisher, who is also executive producer of MOO3, and designer Alan Emrich had much to say concerning their project:

Blue Monday: Are you introducing any specific new features to make MOO3 multiplayer more attractive?

Fisher: Yes. definitely. First is that we support up to eight human players. We're making it easy to register games and play. The game lobby setup and game starting procedures will be familiar to any multiplayer gamer. We're using GameSpy for the back-end processing, as do many other game titles.

Second, our game is designed for simultaneous multiplayer play. This is very different than some other titles, in which players take turns making their moves. In MOO3. everyone takes their turn at the same time. Then turns are submitted, processed, and results distributed to all players. This speeds up the game considerably.

Space combat and ground combat are handled by the Combat Scheduler, which runs at the end of every turn. The Scheduler figures out who is fighting whom and if there are any dependencies. Then it organizes the combats in the most efficient manner. This allows us to fight more than one battle at a time, if the battles don't affect one another. Again, this streamlines the turn processing and keeps the game moving.

Finally, we're working on a feature that will allow each player to start thinking about the next turn even when others haven't finished the current turn. This keeps players from becoming bored while waiting for others to finish their turns.

There is much more of interest in the interview, along with a plethora of screenshots to whet your appetite for this much looked-for game. Follow the links below to find out more.

Blue Monday: MOO3 Interview with William C. Fisher
Quicksilver Software
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