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Monday, July 31, 2000
Rocket Arena UT Released
10:53 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Following last week's release of Rocket Arena for Quake 3 Arena, the corresponding team for the Unreal Tournament version of this classic mod have also posted their latest efforts. Version 1.40 is much improved over the 1.25 version, when was pulled months ago due to bugs. There are some known issues in this build, though in order to avoid the patch-a-day syndrome, they are waiting a few days before releasing version 1.41 to fix them.

Rocket Arena was originally developed for Quake, and gives players one on one or team vs team action. Each player spawns outfitted with all ammo, armor and weapons, making it a game of pure weapon skill (as opposed to collecting/guarding powerups). Here's a list of features from the web site:

  • Four new incredible maps for a total of ten maps.
  • A humongous amount of bug fixes that covers every bug that I know of. Please let me know of any that you find.
  • The RA:UT menu. It's a nifty new menu called "RA:UT" (of all things :) that appears next to the Mod menu, and appears ONLY when you're playing on a RA:UT server (so as not to bother you at other times)
  • New options. Instagib servers, bouncier rockets, spectators can be prevented from communicating to players.
  • Improved botplay. Although they still don't measure up to humans, they are better than they were before. If you think the bots suck and are no challenge to you, even on Godlike, then I suggest you go online and play it like it was originally intended to be played. :)
  • A new gametype: "Rocket Arena: Regular Maps". This allows you to play any map (only small DM and CTF maps are recommended) with the RocketArena style. Everyone will wait in one line to have a chance to play on the big map. No arenas are available here.
  • If you're a person that likes making voicepacks, you can make custom voicepacks for the RA:UT announcer voices. Best of all, it's clientside, and the server never needs to know about it.
  • A ton of stuff that I've forgotten because it's been so long since I implemented it. :)
  • The UT RA team seems very open to suggestions and/or bugfixes, so head over to their web site for more. The full UMOD version of RA is under 15MB, but if you can't cut that, we'll be sure to have it on our next issue of IMG.

    RA UT UMOD version (14.8MB)
    Rocket Arena UT Web Site

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