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Friday, July 28, 2000
Master of Orion 3 Coming to Mac?
6:23 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

We have learned from IMG reader Jason Elgenia that the team behind Master of Orion III: The Fifth X, currently under development by Quicksilver Software and to be published by Microprose, is interested in creating a Mac OS version of this game. MOO3 is another installment in a series of turn-based strategy games; the previous two titles also made it to the Mac OS. Here is the note Jason received from the Quicksilver team:

We desperately want to make a Mac version of MOO3 and are busy working out a distribution deal to make it happen. It will be announced on our web site if it happens.
This isn't exactly an official announcement, but we do appreciate the use of the word 'desperately.'

If you are curious about the game itself, here is a synopsis from the official web site:

In MOO3, players assume the biggest role ever. No longer do players merely represent petty interplanetary dictators. In MOO3, players represent the controlling power behind an entire galactic civilization. The dictators, presidents, councils, and overlords that come and go are merely a playerís pawns. One must use these governments and their leaders to secure the destiny of oneís civilization and to manipulate its policies of freedom and oppression in both foreign and domestic arenas. It is not enough to be an able economist or a great captain to succeed in Master of Orion 3; considerable political, administrative, and espionage skills must be applied to craft your civilizationís glorious chapter in the Annals of Time and Space.†

Although MOO3 is a turn-based game and a player can do anything, he canít do everything. Only a limited amount of "Imperial Focus" is available to each player each turn, so players must manage the ultimate resource Ė their own direct involvement! Therefore, as players build empires, retaining able administrators becomes more important (as does watching their loyalty and ambition!). Growing an empire means growing a bureaucracy and citizens can resort to voting with their feet or their pitchforks if they're not properly led.

Development of this game was begun in May of 2000; currently it is still in the concept stages. There is no set completion date, but the game is most likely due next year. In case you are curious, Quicksilver has been a Mac developer several times in the past; they created such hits as Castles: Siege and Conquest, Castles II, Star Trek: Starfleet Command and the Shanghai Maj-Jongg Series. Check out the MOO3 web site for more details.

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