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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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IMG Reviews WingNuts
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Today, IMG's Patrick Leyden reviews Freeverse Software's recently released arcade-style shooter, WingNuts.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

[Freeverse Software] built a solid reputation as a high-quality game developer, but their focus has generally been in the areas of puzzle and card gaming. WingNuts is clearly inspired by Freeverse’s roots as a developer of puzzle and card games. The game combines proven play mechanics with a fun (yet simple) back-story, colorful graphics and imaginative sound effects....

If there is a single element of this game that points to its 80s arcade shooter roots, it is its library of sound effects. From the weapons fire to the roar of your and your enemy’s engines, WingNuts sounds like it should be an arcade. Any gamer who has spent hours plowing through classic shooters in an arcade setting or by using MacMAME will appreciate the sonic heritage of WingNuts.

The music of WingNuts is extremely high quality. It has a certain whimsical quality that perfectly complements the game’s story and visual flair. Like the sound effects in the game, the music has been influenced by genre titles but stands on its own as a very polished video game score. The last of the important aural elements of WingNuts are the pieces of dialogue that are spontaneously played throughout the game. As you play through the game, both Baron von Schtopwatch and members of your own WingNuts team will talk to you. These will either be helpful and encouraging comments from your fellow WingNuts or berating and distracting quips from the Baron himself. Either way, these snippets of dialogue (and accompanying pictures) are often hilarious. WingNuts would simply not be complete without them.

Follow the link below for the full text of our review.

IMG Review: WingNuts
MGF: WingNuts Demo 1.0 (17.3 MB)

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