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Wednesday, January 16, 2002
Mac Crystal Space Updated
8:13 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

It seems the Mac branch of the open-source 3D engine Crystal Space, which had been somewhat stagnant, received a much needed shot in the arm recently. Programmer Matt Reda has updated three essential drivers for the engine to run well under Mac OS X. The engine is finally able to take advantage of full hardware acceleration via OpenGL, as well as CoreGraphics for any software rendering that might be necessary.

The main Crystal Space page has details on the new drivers; here's a clip with general information:

Matt Reda, a new member of the Crystal Space development team, has written three new Mac OS X drivers for Crystal Space. The addition of these drivers places the Mac OS X port of Crystal Space on par with other ports in terms of performance, capability, and usability. Game development on Mac OS X with Crystal Space is now a viable option.
If you're wanting to take a look at Mac OS X Crystal Space for a game or project, you can check out the CVS branch now or wait until the next major milestone release. Congratulations to Matt Reda and Eric Sunshine for their good work so far on this impressive (and free) project.

Crystal Space

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