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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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Candy Cruncher Coming to OS X
8:13 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Brian Hook, the veteran game programmer of id Software and 3dfx fame, recently released more information about the first title from his new company, Pyrogon, called Candy Cruncher. This colorful puzzle game is currently available only for Windows. But in a post yesterday to Apple's game developer list, Hook remarked that he now has Candy Cruncher up and running on Mac OS X—and it's 50% faster than the PC version.

This is obviously a huge ego boost to Apple's OS X team, and Hook searches for an explanation in his post:

Okay, here's a wacky one. I have two machines, a G4/867 w/ 512 MB RAM and GF2MX graphics (and a secondary card with ATI Rage 128); and a dual P3/933 w/ Win2K SP2, 512 MB RAM and GF3 graphics.

I have a puzzle game that now runs on both (sort of). But, it runs at 125 fps on my Mac, and only 75 fps on my PC....

Can anyone offer any other explanation why a Mac would blit 50% faster than a comparable PC with slower clock speed?

IMG talked more with Hook on the subject, and he expects to have a playable OS X demo out in the next few weeks.

While this is well and good, it seems Candy Cruncher is just a test bed for cross-platform compatibility on Pyrogon's future projects. First on that list is an online RPG called Stellar Deep, set to come out for Mac OS X and Windows late in the year. What little information is known about the game so far is posted on the Pyrogon site, so give it a look if you're interested. And keep an eye on MacGameFiles for the Candy Cruncher demo to appear around the end of the month.

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