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Monday, January 14, 2002
GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld Carbonized
11:51 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Mac GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld have been updated to version 1.0b4, adding native Mac OS X support via Carbon to these open-sourced, OpenGL-accelerated versions of id Software's classic first-person shooter.

Mac GLQuake's Frank "pox" Condello writes:

Release 1.0b4 aims to provide initial Mac OS X support without sacrificing functionality or performance when running in Mac OS 8/9. In fact, this is the fastest, most functional, and most stable release for Mac OS 8/9 to date....

This marks the first CFM Carbon release (single apps that work on both Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X).

The system and video drivers have had some major work, resulting in more configuration options, and overall more robust and more "Mac-like" applications.

Once these have gotten around and prove to be stable (or at least as stable as previous releases) work will begin on bringing the Hexen 2 and Nehahra targets up to date. That should go quickly as the hard stuff is over...

More detailed release notes are included in the GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld downloads, which are each under 500 KB and available at our sister site, MacGameFiles.

Mac GLQuake & GLHexen II
SourceForge: Mac GLQuake
MGF: GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld 1.0b4

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