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Thursday, January 10, 2002
Brian Hook Reveals Pyrogon Titles
1:40 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

In his first official "Developer Diary," Brian Hook of Pyrogon has outlined his company's strategy and philosophy and revealed their first two projects. IMG readers might recall that Hook founded Pyrogon in July of last year (see related article) and stated that the Mac platform was a major target for future development; he has since joined the Apple Mac Games Devlist and has certainly made his presence there known, to say the least.

The core of Hook's design philosophy is the axiom that technology has become an obstacle to gaming, rather than a benefit. So much time and money is spent on making a game technically impressive and pushing the limits of the latest hardware that the gameplay itself gets lost in the struggle, in his opinion. Thus Pyrogon was founded to develop "shoestring" titles with a broad appeal and generous hardware requirements, rather than expensive niche shooters that require the latest hardware to run.

In this dev diary Brian discusses Pyrogon's first two projects: a puzzle game known as Candy Cruncher and an online space RPG with a persistent world known as Stellar Deep. Introductory web sites for both games have been posted, if you would like more information. Candy Cruncher is already available for Windows in demo form, while Stellar Deep will begin shipping (in episodic form) at the end of 2002. The Stellar Deep web site notes that the game will require Mac OS X 10.1, but by the end of 2002 it is difficult to imagine that this OS won't be the default choice for gamers, regardless of their hardware.

For more information and details on Hook's projects, follow the links to the developer diary and Pyrogon's web site. The site also contains links for two other projects, code-named Coldstar and Archipelago; no details are available yet on these projects.

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