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Thursday, January 10, 2002
Satellite Simulator! Released
11:59 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

One of the more refreshingly innovative games released this week has to be Satellite Simulator! from Princeton Satellite Systems. The company has taken its experience and technology, acquired over the years in developing—with US Air Force and NASA funding—professional satellite control and simulation systems costing thousands of dollars, and applied it to an OpenGL-based networkable simulator costing $34.95.

Here's a description from Princeton's web site:

With Satellite Simulator! you can learn to manipulate spacecraft and satellites just like aerospace professionals. Using the powerful MultiSatSim engine, this new educational game includes sophisticated orbital dynamics and a network interface supporting up to eight spacecraft! Join your friends as you explore the solar system.

Satellite Simulator! comes with over ten spacecraft models ranging from the TechSat21 satellite scheduled for launch in 2004 to the International Space Station to models based on popular science fiction movies and literature. In addition, script-based CAD tools are included so that you can design your own spacecraft. Your design can include a complete array of mass, thermal, and optical qualities, or be a simple geometric model with constructed from primitives (boxes, prisms, cylinders, etc).


  • Fly up to 8 spacecraft over local or wide area networks
  • Design your own spacecraft with the included CAD tools
  • Learn how spaceflight REALLY works, the way the pros do
  • Customize the Control Center with the included CodeWarrior project
  • Import other 3D models from formats such as DXF and 3DS
Satellite Simulator! uses a client-server architecture. Up to eight clients can connect to the server, and each client can access one spacecraft. TCP/IP is used for the network protocol, so both local and Internet play is possible.

Satellite Simulator! has been tested on Macintosh computers ranging from iMacs to G4s, including desktop and laptop models, all running Mac OS 9. Princeton says that a Carbon version for Mac OS X will be released shortly. For more information on this exciting new simulator, follow the link below.

Satellite Simulator!

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