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Thursday, January 10, 2002
MWSF: Glider Pro X Released
9:19 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Casady & Greene's flagship game Glider has arrived for the Mac OS X platform in the form of Glider Pro X. Around since the days of black and white Macs, Glider puts players in command of a paper airplane that has to be guided safely through a multitude of locales. These environments are often fraught with perils, including paper shredders, basketballs, and burning candles.

Here's a clip from C&G's web site:

Jump into your Glider and take off in the paper airplane ride of your life! Fly within a labyrinth of rooms or discover pathways outside to the skies above or caverns below the ground. Amazing graphics, eerie sound effects, and a complete musical score! Watch for the QuickTime movies that pop up when you least expect them.
Those interested in checking out this title can download the 2 MB demo available at MacGameFiles. If you're interested in purchasing the full version, you can find more information at C&G's web site.

Casady & Greene: Glider Pro X
MGF: Glider Pro X 3.0 Demo (2 MB)

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Archives  News  MWSF: Glider Pro X Released