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Wednesday, July 26, 2000
Myth: TFL Physics in Myth II
9:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Myth Townhall caught word of a new plugin for Myth II: Soublighter that mimics the physics of the original game, Myth: The Fallen Lords. This is a great idea for those that loved the original game's play, but want the sequel's improved graphics and interface. Here's a list of changes:

1.All melee units pathfinding has been upgraded around to .400 , meaning that there will be no such thing as clumping in this plugin and it will make melee battles look a lot cooler not to mention realistic.

2. Archers, Soulless, Bre'nor are all less accurate then they use to be but can still be very lethal once turned into vets or are in big numbers and this also makes Myth more realistic.

3. Dwarfs are not as great as they use to be in M2 but they are not as bad as they were in TFL so you must be more careful when using them.

4. Satchel charges now pound the earth below giving it a much better effect like it was in TFL.

5. All string lists / descriptions from every unit that was in Myth:TFL has been added with M2 string lists/descriptions.

6. Some of M:TFL interface has been added into M2 to give that M:TFL feel and which looks a lot better then it is in M:TFL .

7. Dwarf bottles are now more bouncy like once again and carpeting works again.

8. The old TFL wight hit sounds are now back into m2.

9. Thrall now have their old death animation back which looks real cool!
Head over to The Mill now for more infomation and to download the plug-in.

Myth Townhall Web Site
TFL Physics Plugin at the Mill

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