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Monday, November 12, 2001
Custer Goes "Intergalactic"
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This week, IMG's prolific and talented Brad Custer brings us a desktop based on Pangea's upcoming Mac-only game of intergalactic adventure, Otto Matic. To be published by the good people at Aspyr Media, Otto Matic is inspired by classic (and not-so-classic) sci-fi films of past decades.

Of his latest desktop, Custer writes:

With the recent announcement by Aspyr that Otto Matic was gold master, I felt it was time to reveal that again I'll be creating exclusive desktops for another Aspyr title.... "Intergalactic" is a desktop based on the actual game box. Be sure to keep checking [Aspyr's] web site to see my other creations as they are completed and added.
Observant sci-fi fans will note here the unmistakable influence of the movie poster (but not the movie itself!) for Forbidden Planet, that seminal 1956 classic of science fiction in the cinema, listed by Pangea's Brian Greenstone as one of the top ten cinematic influences on the development of Otto Matic.

After downloading Custer's "Intergalactic," be sure to come back tomorrow for this week's Otto Matic Movie Quiz, sponsored by Aspyr, testing your familiarity with one of Greenstone's top ten inspirational movies.

IMG: Otto Matic Preview
Aspyr Media: Otto Matic
IMG: Custer's Desktops

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