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Tuesday, July 25, 2000
Rocket Arena Updates
9:30 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Recently, the official Rocket Arena modification for Quake 3 was released for PC and Linux versions of the game. The author has updated the website with a quick Q&A which includes his thoughts about a Macintosh version of the mod. Here's a clip:

1. Will there be Mac support?

I looked into this a while ago and didn't see any way to do native mods on the Mac. I'll try to get this done if at all possible. Mac OSX should definitely be possible once it's released.

2. Will there be bot support?

I plan to add bot support in the future, but it will take a bit of time (to teach them how RA3 works) and I didn't want to delay the initial release for bot support since most users don't need it.

In case you're wondering, Rocket Arena is based on a Quake mod of the same name. Battles are usually 1 on 1 or clan versus clan. Each player starts with full ammo, armor and weapons. This makes the game a true matter of weapon skill, as opposed to having to search for powerups.

Fans of Unreal Tournament know that a Rocket Arena mod is also underway for that engine. Unfortunately, this version had a very buggy release a number of months ago that was subsequently pulled. One of the original contributor's of the project, former Epic employee Brandon Reinhart, has updated his .plan with a little more info:

Speaking of Rocket Arena 3...wouldn't it be nice if Cliffy said something about what Epic was doing with Rocket Arena UT? I sure would like to know. I had to hand over the reigns on the project to Mike Lambert when I left Epic and I believe Epic is helping direct the project and has some plans for it. Nonetheless, the maps were great and I really want to play it. (Doh! I reread this and it sounds like I'm saying Epic made me hand over the project or something which isn't the case. I passed on RAUT because I didn't have the spare time to work on it. As it is, I'm pretty much working on Duke 24/7, except for some spots of gaming on the weekends.)
As you can deduce, Reinhart is now working for 3D Realms on Duke Nukem Forever. We're hoping to hear something more about RA UT soon, as many anxious Mac fans would love to try the mod out. We'll let you know if anything new becomes available.

Rocket Arena UT Web Site
Rocket Arena 3 Web Site
Brandon Reinhart .plan Update

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