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Monday, November 5, 2001
Another Myth III Mac Update
9:53 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

MumboJumbo's Mike Donges put out a lengthy new update that discusses an upcoming patch to the PC version of Myth III: The Wolf Age as well as the latest progress on the Mac version. In the .plan update, Donges said the company would be "releasing a patch within the week" and that the Mac version is "very close." Here's the full update:

Well, it's been an interesting week that has capped an interesting and rewarding year. More than anything else, the Irvine crew would like to thank the people out there in the community that have supported the franchise. Whether you agree with the direction that we have taken or not, you have kept Myth alive, made this third game possible and allowed us to bring together this team to bring it to you. To a person, we have taken an incredible amount of pride in our accomplishment. We have been a bit quiet over the last week, in order to capture feedback on the game. Believe me that we have been paying close attention to what we have seen and compiling a list of the issues and comments that have cropped up. MumboJumbo will be releasing a patch within the week to resolve a great number of these issues. This patch will focus mainly on fixing up issues that have plagued the MultiPlayer User Interface and some important compatibility issues. When it is ready for release, it will be available from Take 2's support website and we'll get the word out to you.

A word on the Mac version... it is very close, and MacSoft is gearing it up for the holiday season. They are as committed as us in getting it to the eager Mac users. The fact of the matter is that we ran into some unforeseen issues that have caused it to take us a bit longer to get it ready for release. I don't think that the few extra weeks of practice that the PC users have will do them any good once the Mac users start hitting GameSpy (this coming from an ex_Applite). Good luck, y'all.

All in all it looks like the Mac version is on schedule to ship around mid-November. Since the Mac version will include all the bug fixes that are being incorporated into the PC patch, the Mac version of Myth III should be more stable when released than its PC counterpart was. (Perhaps we should be grateful to publishers and developers for using their Windows customers for final game testing so they can deliver a more polished product to the Mac gaming community!)

A demo of Myth III will be released shortly after the Mac version goes gold.

The IMG web store is currently taking pre-orders for Myth III: The Wolf Age for $35. Keep in mind that this (and many other special offers) are available for MacGames CD subscribers only.

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