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Monday, July 24, 2000
Macops: Rainbow Six Updated
7:17 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

This Mac fan site and information resource for Rainbow Six has recently been redesigned and now includes information from Rogue Spear, the R6 sequel which we recently learned at Macworld Expo will be coming to the Mac OS this Winter. Here is the update on this site's changes:

Macops: Rainbow Six (http://gamesiege.com/macops-r6/) has been entirely
rebuilt from the ground up- with a stunning new design and inclusion of
Rogue Spear/Urban Ops info. Along with the redesign here are all of the
site's features (old and new):

- Completely redesigned from the ground up

- Back Stories to Rogue Spear/Urban Ops

- Info on Operatives and Weapons in Rogue Spear/Urban Ops

- 21 total mods, including BF Arsenal, ITF, and Nato2v1; most recent new
mods are Operation Urgent Fury and the Euro Mod

- Cheat Codes

- Information on all Items & Weapons in Rainbow Six and Eagle Watch

- Rosters for Rainbow Six and Eagle Watch

- FAQ and tech help

- Clans: now listing over 40 Clans

- Information on how to create mods and weapons

- Complete Walkthroughs for Rainbow Six and Eagle Watch

- A user-submitted screenshot section

- Multiplayer Introduction & Tactics

- Multiplayer Strategies for each map

- And of course, forums.

Also, in the upcoming months I will be posting special previews of Rogue
Spear and Urban Ops.

If you're a fan of this tactical shooter, make sure you visit this site.

Macops: Rainbow Six

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