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Tuesday, July 25, 2000

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Georgeson on Mac Tribes 2
7:55 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Considering Sierra's checkered history on the Mac platform, Dynamix's shooter Tribes 2 is a title which has long given us alternating goose-bumps of anticipation and chills of trepidation. Will this first-person shooter, so highly anticipated on the PC side, ever make it to our platform? Or will it be axed cruelly, the way Sierra handled Mac Half-life?

The recent departure of Rick Overman from the staff of Dynamix made several of IMG's readers worried, as Overman has said many good things about the Mac version in the past and at one time claimed to be the sole Mac and Linux programmer at the company. We contacted Dave Georgeson of Dynamix for an update on how the recent change in staff might affect the chances of a Mac version of this title. Here is his reply:

Losing Rick and Tim does nothing to reduce the chances of a Mac version of
Tribes 2. They are exactly the same chances as before. In otherwords, if we
can get time to do it, we will do it. But we have to get the game done
That's understandable. Tribes 2 recently gained Alpha status, putting the team on track for a November release of this title for PC. It seems the Mac and Linux fans of this title may now resume holding their breath for this one to come out...

Tribes 2

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