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Wednesday, October 24, 2001
IMG Reviews Breakout
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IMG has posted a review of Breakout, the remake of the classic Atari game, published by MacSoft. Although some of the Atari classics such as Pong! have been received well, Breakout, on the other hand, hasn't. Reviewer Kit Pierce explains in his review:

The game play of Breakout is based on the mode that we all know: Hit the bouncing ball at the bricks to clear the bricks and advance to the next level. Subsequent levels begin to increase in difficulty until the ball moves so blazingly fast, you’d have to be superhuman to even survive. Or something like that.

Add in a few tweaks to game play, like being able to angle your paddle and gain powerups, and you essentially have the gist of our modern Breakout. This reviewer wouldn’t have had issue with Breakout if it had been more like its cousin Pong. In fact, Breakout was developed by the same team who produced Pong, which is a title I enjoy greatly. If Breakout had stuck with clever puzzles and updated graphics, I would have had few if any reservations about the game. Unfortunately, the designers added something to Breakout that I can’t forgive. They added a plot.

Be sure to check out the entire review by following the link below.

Breakout review

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