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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

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New Warcraft III Units and Abilities
10:56 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As the somewhat tenuous release date of Warcraft III draws ever closer, Blizzard hones the anticipation of gamers waiting for this real-time RTS title with tidbits of information regarding this upcoming title. Recently added to the roster of new units is the Catapult, an Orc-specific unit. Also recently revealed is the new Defend ability, utilized by the Footman of the Human race.

The Catapult, though taking several units to man, certainly sounds like a devastating weapon. Here's the official clip:

The Orcish Catapult has always been a standing asset to the Horde. Capable of hurling fiery projectiles over great distances, Orcish Catapults have been the doom of many Alliance regiments. Though a small team of Orcs must always be available to man these destructive machines, unerringly Catapults serve as the Horde's greatest siege weapon.
As far as the Footman's new ability goes, Defend allows a Footman to receive only partial damange from any range attack. However, a Footman's own attack power and movement speed will suffer while in Defend mode.

Accompanying each unit is an animated pic showing the unit in action. For those interested in the pics as well as more general information on WC3, be sure to check out the official WC3 site. The current release date is still set at around February of next year, though of course Blizzard has been known to push back a release date when necessary. The wait, however, should be well worth it when this title hits the market.

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Warcraft III - Footman
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