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Monday, July 24, 2000

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Take-Two Acquires PopTop
11:54 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a merging of alliteration with rhyme, Take-Two has announced they have acquired PopTop. If these names seem only vaguely familiar to you, Take-Two Interactive is the company that now has the rights to Bungie's Myth and Oni games while PopTop Software is responsible for Railroad Tycoon II and the upcoming game, Tropico. Here is a clip from the press release:

"We are pleased to add PopTop to our Company," said Barry Rutcofsky, Co-Chairman of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. "PopTop is an extremely well-run
development shop, with the ability to create compelling games in an efficient, timely manner. We look forward to continuing the teamwork between the Gathering of
Developers and PopTop Software, which previously resulted in the highly successful, Railroad Tycoon II."

Philip Steinmeyer, President of PopTop Software, Inc., said: "This deal allows us to continue supporting our business plan of continuing our role as a first-rate
development team. Take-Two's strength as a publisher is matched by its leadership in the worldwide distribution of computer software. We will get the best of both

This should be good news for all concerned parties. Tropico is looking to be an excellent take on the god-game genre that will be out early next year for both Mac and PC.

Take-Two Press Release
PopTop Software
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