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Monday, October 22, 2001

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Yet Another Civilization III Preview
10:55 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As the release of the PC version of Civilization III draws ever closer, game sites are racing to publish previews of this turn-based strategy title as quickly as they can. Next in line is GameSpot with a preview that manages to reveal some new information on Civ III that should be of interest to fans of the venerable series.

One of the new changes to Civ III is that there are now two kinds of civilian units at the start: workers and settlers. Settlers will cost two population points to create and have the abilties of city founding and moving populations. Workers, at a cost of one population point, will be able to improve terrain, clean up polution and perform other such tasks. Both units no longer require food and are supported like any other unit. Both units can also be captured by enemy military forces, but settlers captured simply convert into two worker units.

As more and more information becomes available on Civ III's new culture feature, its huge role in the game also becomes more apparent. National and city boundaries are now determined by the number of culture points earned:

Culture determines national and city boundaries. For example, at the beginning of the game, your city radius will be only one square. As soon as your first city acquires 10 culture points, its radius will extend to two squares. Thereafter, as it attains higher and higher levels of culture, its radius will continue to expand.
Resources in Civ III are now divided into three categories: strategic, luxury, and bonus resources. Strategic resources are used to construct various units, improve cities, and make technological advances. Luxury resources, such as silk and spices, are used to increase a population's happiness. Bonus resources can be used to increase the food output of a map square currently being worked by a player's population.

Like its predecessors, Civ III is a single-player game only. For those lamenting the lack of a multiplayer feature, it should be noted that Civ II was eventually re-released in a multiplayer version, so it is possible that a future patch or upgrade will make multiplayer on Civ III possible.

The rest of the preview covers the new military and diplomatic strategies and features available in Civ III, including civilization-specific combat units and the use of spies. For those that wish to get a more visual look at Civ III, GameSpot also has a huge Civ III-specific media section full of various movies of this title in action.

As far as a Mac release goes, Westlake Interactive is currently hard at work porting this title. Hopefully, we'll hear word soon as to a guesstimate on its release date.

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