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Monday, July 24, 2000
Graeme Raves over Macworld
9:43 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Id Software's Graeme Devine attended the recent Macworld and has updated his .plan with nothing but good things to say about it. Obviously a Mac fan, Devine even throws out some of Apple's recent impressive selling stats. Here is his update in full:

Back from MacWorld, and quite the MacWorld is was too. Gotta love the cube!

Walking around the show floor and talking to the various Mac developers and publishers
it's clear that the level of support Apple is providing across the game community is making
a huge and positive difference. I've worked with Apple on and off for 12 years or so (since
7th Guest days, and before that when I was at Virgin), and within the last year have felt their
presence as more and more of a partner in my endeavors to make this platform rock. My
thanks go out to Mike, Heather, Wallace and Geoff for their efforts above and beyond the
call of duty, and I know a lot of other developers are there with me. Apple is really
there for game developers right now.

I'll be adding the SMP support into Q3A and shipping a build off to Apple today. We've
already got that stubbed in there.

The platform is exceptional. In the last 2 years Apple has sold 3.7 million iMacs (not
including G4 and G3 towers). That's one every 18 seconds. Out of that, over 80% of
those machines are on the Internet. When Apple launched iMovie, the digital video editing
software for the iMac, they found that over 45% of those with iMacs capable of using
iMovie were using it. These are incredible figures.

So we might soon see the first Mac game able to take advantage of multiprocessors in Quake 3: Arena. Keep in mind though that Id's John Carmack has noted this only speeds up the game 10-15% on the PC side, so don't expect huge jumps in framerates. It's always good to hear a developer rave about Apple's progress, especially from one at the heart of the gaming industry.

Graeme Devine .plan Update

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