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Friday, October 19, 2001
Marathon One Meets Aleph One
9:48 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

An ardent fan pointed out this interesting development taking place in the Marathon fan community: a team of dedicated Marathon fanatics have "ported" the levels from the original Bungie FPS Marathon to work with Aleph One, the open-source version of the Marathon Infinity engine. This enhanced engine supports such advanced featues as OpenGL hardware acceleration, scriptable events and even MP3 playback.

This conversion of Marathon to the new engine isn't just a raw copy-and-paste; the textures have actually been enhanced with high-resolution versions and the original soundtrack has been ripped to MP3s. This has substantially increased the file size of the game (the download is over 100 MB with all the extras, the original game fit on four floppies!) but seems well worth the time for those who would like to combine their nostalgia for the past with a cutting-edge graphics experience. The project seems to have been oficially endorsed by the Bungie team itself.

If you have an urge to experience the original Marathon again, but your jaded eyes won't submit to those blocky, 8-bit graphics, M1A1 is the way to go. Visit the web site to download the files and creep through the darkened halls of the Marathon once again.

Aleph One Project
M1A1 Web Site

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