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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
GraphSim Posts 'Sheep' Details
1:16 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

GraphSim has become the US distributor for Feral 's port of the console/PC title Sheep, a cute little game which turns the mundane business of sheepherding into an arcane and unusual art. To celebrate the release of this game, which is now shipping, they have updated their web site with a page dedicated to this unique title.

Perhaps closest in genre to the classic game Lemmings, Sheep has an unusual plotline and humorous gameplay. Here is a list of features:

Choose from 4 characters each with different strengths and weaknesses, including Bo Peep and the over enthusiastic Motley.

There are 4 breeds of sheep, each with their own distinctive styles. They do however share the common trait of stupidity.

Guide your sheep through 28 levels, trying to avoid Mr. Pear and his evil Hench-Cows.

There are many hazards and obstacles to avoid, and just as many bonuses to be found. Solve puzzles, collect the Golden Sheep and unlock the bonus levels.

Sheep is available right now from the GraphSim online store for $34.95. Stop by the web site for more details.

Sheep Subsite at GraphSim

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