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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
PC Myth III Declared Gold Master
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Mike Donges of MumboJumbo Games made the much-awaited update to his .plan today, announcing Myth III: The Wolf Age has gone Gold Maste for PC. This means the final version has been tested and is now being sent to duplication. Myth III is actually a prequel to the first two Myth titles, and it utilizes full 3D graphics instead of 2D sprites.

As you probably know, the Mac and PC versions are being made by distributed by different companies, so there won't be a hybrid box like with past games in the series. Donges has explained to IMG that the Mac version is very close behind its PC counterpart, though, and should be heading towards GM in the next week or so. Here's his full .plan with a shout out towards those who helped with the title:

Good news for all of you Myth fans, and all of you soon to be Myth fans. MumboJumbo Irvine has delivered the Gold Master of Myth III: The Wolf Age to Take 2 and it has been sent off for duplication. Hats off to MumboJumbo Dallas for all the support and to Aaron and Devin at Take 2/Godgames for making a difference.
This is great news for fans of the Myth series, as it means the game should be hitting store shelves in a matter of weeks.

Mike Donges .plan Update
IMG: MumboJumbo's Mythadventures

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