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Tuesday, October 16, 2001
IMG Previews Age of Empires II
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RTS and strategy fans have been greatly anticipating the release of Bold and Destineer's first Mac title, the award-winning Age of Empires II Gold. Our detailed preview of this title includes everything from the aspects of gameplay to the system requirements. Here's a sample:

The objective in Age of Empires II, as in Age of Empires, is to develop your fledgling civilization sufficiently to be strong enough to fulfill the campaign objectives and / or defeat your enemies. Victory is achieved through the gathering of resources (food, wood, stone, and gold), building necessary structures to house and provide for your people, and careful allocation of your people. Strategy is, well, necessary in Age of Empires II. If you build too many military units early on, you may not have enough resources to march them off on effective campaigns later in the game. The surest way to win is to develop a healthy civilization with enough resources to support the strong military units that are available as you move through the Castle and Imperial Ages.
For more of the preview and a gallery of screen shots, follow the link below. AoEII Gold is due this November.

Preview: Age of Empires II Gold

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