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Tuesday, October 16, 2001
Myth III Character Animations Posted
8:55 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Myth Village, a site devoted to Bungie's popular Myth series, has recently posted a series of movies that reveal character animations for the upcoming title Myth III: The Wolf Age. Among the characters shown are the Avatara, Damas, The Forgotten, the Soulless, the Hearthguard, and the Stygian Knights, performing either their taunts or idle animations.

Each character is quite impressively modeled, showing some nice detail and texturing. Realtime shadows can also be seen in motion as the characters go through their paces. The animation itself is also quite smooth, with the Avatara beckoning with one hand and the Soulless catching his lower jaw as it falls off his skull.

The animations are quite small in size, ranging from 96k to 408k, and are available in both AVI and Mac-friendly QT formats. Anyone interested in seeing some of the characters in action should definitely take a look at them.

As far as Myth III's release date goes, the blurb at the top of Myth Village's Character Animation page notes that we're "just weeks before the release of Myth III." Hopefully we'll see this title reach stores sometime within the next month.

Myth Village - Myth III Character Animations

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Archives  News  Myth III Character Animations Posted