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Monday, July 24, 2000
More from Mark Adams
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In case you missed it, we posted a quick video interview over the weekend with Westlake Interactive's president, Mark Adams. In the QuickTime clip taken at last week's Macworld Expo, he explains their decision to move into the realm of developing games for consoles as well as the Mac. Now it looks as though Adams is back home, as there have been a number of Usenet posts from him about various topics that might interest you.

Speaking about the new Dual-G4 PowerMacs, he notes the impact of the second processor for games is rather minimal:

MP is nearly a complete non-factor for games. Ports
are extremely unlikely to take advantage of it, and even an original
developer like Carmack isn't going to spend a lot of time on MP code
just for the Mac version (since MP is not a big presence on the PC).
Writing MP code for best speed gains is a completely non-trivial task,
and not something that can be thrown into an existing game quickly.

What small speed up could help game is the OS automatically offloading
sound processing (making the extra G4 an equivalent of a $40 PC 3D Sound
card) and/or GL transforms (having the G4 do the equivalent of a
GeForce2 or Radeon for T&L). Better than not having the second G4, but
I'd still rather have 3D sound hardware, a GeForce2/Radeon, and a few
hundred MHz more CPU speed.

So don't buy that high-end dual 500 and expect Quake 3 to run a double the FPS (unless you're still running on that Performa 6214CD).

In another thread, Adams quickly gets the question of Mac-PC multiplayer in their upcoming Risk II title out of the way:

Unfortunately Risk II will only be Mac to Mac.
On the topic of neverending Unreal Tournament updates, he notes they should have something available in the next couple of weeks. Right now, the PC version is at 4.20, though Epic has announced they are working on newer patches. Here's a clip from Adams:
We were kind of on hold, since Epic said they were doing a 421 then a
422, and I hoped they'd come out quickly so we could just jump to the
latest version. If it looks like Epic will take another few
weeks/months to get a post-420 update out, we'll just finish up 420 Mac.
The only real reason to even upgrade UT (since all of the versions can play with eachother on the net) is for modifications, whose authors often require the very latest patch in order to play.

And with the buzz around the net being Deus Ex, Adams responded to a fan having problems with memory and the game:

My guess is its something QuickTime is allocating, since DX uses
QuickTime to decompress MP3's. The game doesn't intentionally allocate
any system heap memory, so it must be a side effect of one of the OS

We have found one very small leak in the application itself, which we
will fix, but it has more to do with the application memory getting
fragmented after a long time, not the system memory.

Memory leaks can be nasty things, and we're sure Westlake will have a patch out soon to fix it. As the team gets back from Macworld and into their routine of amazing work, we should see more news on a Deus Ex demo and many of their other games in progress very soon.

IMG Video with Westlake's Mark Adams
Westlake Interactive

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