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Monday, October 15, 2001
CyberExtruder Comes to Mac OS X
10:56 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The power of Mac OS X has inspired yet another port of a PC technology to our platform: CyberX-3D, a unique utility that allows you to literally put yourself in the game by automagically creating a "skin" for your favorite game from a picture of yourself, is now available for Mac OS X. If you've ever wanted your Sim to be just like you , this utility will make that possible. Here are the details:

CyberExtruder announced today that its CyberX-3D™ web-based technology has officially gone gold and is compatible with Mac OS X. A proprietary software and web-based technology that automatically converts a single two-dimensional facial image into a fully-developed 3D model in one second, CyberX-3D allows Mac gaming enthusiasts to include themselves as characters within a game and become part of the action.

“CyberExtruder is extremely pleased to make CyberX-3D available for the Mac”, said CyberExtruder CEO, Larry Gardner. “The Mac’s phenomenal graphics capabilities add tremendous value and excitement to Internet games, and Mac OS X really showcases our unique technology.”

“Mac OS X features state-of-the-art technologies such as OpenGL, QuickTime and advanced networking capabilities, to make it a tremendous gaming platform,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “CyberX-3D is a flexible, easy-to-use technology and we are excited that this customization capability is available to Mac gamers.”

Developed by CyberExtruder, the patent-pending CyberX-3D™ technology allows users to submit a single digitized photo of their face to a secure website. The image is automatically analyzed, distinct facial landmarks are identified, and a highly accurate 3D model of the user’s face is created within just one second. What makes CyberX-3D™ technology a breakthrough is that it works from just one photo and is completely automated.

The first three games, that have been CyberX-3D™ enabled include the best-sellers “Unreal Tournament”, “Quake III:Arena”, and “The Sims”. CyberExtruder has also announced plans to add “Max Payne” within the next few weeks.

Visit the CyberExtruder web site for details or to take this technology for a test-drive.


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