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Friday, October 12, 2001
A Mixed Message on Heroes IV
9:51 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

MacHeroes fansite author "Rogue" has pointed out a recent update to the web site of Evolution Interactive. This company has ported some very good titles in the past, specifically Heroes of Might and Magic III and the combo pack Heroes Complete. Evolution would be the obvious choice for porting the in-development title Heroes of Might and Magic IV as well, and just a few days ago the site was updated with new information to tantalize Heroes fans. It seems that Evolution Interactive may very well be tapped to do the Mac port of this title, and there is indeed some enthusiasm for it on the part of PC publisher 3D0.

However John presents a mixed message in his post; he also seems to think the game is being rushed to market and does not seem to be thrilled by the radical changes in gameplay Heroes IV will have in comparison to its predecessors. Here's an excerpt from his update:

One other thing. I know that a lot of you a really looking for me to do the port of a certain series that I have worked on in the past. Well, we have been actively talking to you-know-who about the port and all parties want it to happen. I got a couple of source dumps from them already, but they are obviously rushing to get it out the door and are making a lot of bad decisions (code-wise) in the process. I have played the game a fair bit already, and I'm really not impressed.
The pressure to get titles on shelves during the invaluable Holiday season has troubled some games before, but we have confidence that 3D0 will produce a great final product -- and now we also have further confidence that a Mac OS version of this game will happen. In somewhat related news, the developer also mentions he will begin original game development again, which is great news in itself. Make sure to stop by the site and pick up the latest versions of Sentinels of Ceth and Boogaloopers, two shareware action-game classics.

Mac Heros of Might and Magic
Evolution Interactive

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