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Friday, October 12, 2001
Jeopardy 2 In Beta
9:27 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Do you phrase your answer in the form of a question? Is your head stuffed to the brim with unique facts such as the Hawaiian word for pig or the name of the president who commissioned the Panama Canal? Well, soon you will be able to hear the velvety voice of Alex Trebek coming from your Macintosh as well as your television, as Westlake Interactive has noted that their port of Jeopardy 2 is now in the Beta stage of development.

A value-priced title in MacSoft's consumer title catalog, Jeopardy 2 is (as you may have guessed) nothing less than a digital re-creation of the show itself. Ready for solo, group and online play, this is where you can test your skills and put all those after-dinner hours you spent watching the show to good use.

The simple fact that the game is Beta doesn't indicate when the game will be complete, but it is a sign of good progress; as this is the second Jeopardy game they have ported, we expect the Beta period to be shorter than usual. Watch for this one in time for the Holidays.

Westlake Interactive Project Status Page

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