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Thursday, October 11, 2001
iShock II Reviewed
11:53 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Mac-specific game hardware is not exactly the most prolific aspect of the Mac gaming scene. However, companies like Macally do provide Mac-specific gaming controllers, making our lives a little easier. The Mac Gaming Database recently tested one of Macally's latest offerings, the iShock II, and have posted a review based off their findings.

Here's a clip from the intro:

If gaming hardware had ratings like software, the iShock II would be slapped with a 'Mature.' No, the controller doesn't graphically resemble any body part, but the thing is huge. It has a real sturdy, quality feel, and it's a joy to wrap big hands around, but young kids will probably find it a little too bulky, though.
They test the iShock II with a variety of titles, including Snes9x, Airburst, and Virtual Game Station. Also noted is the fact that it ships with five demos that take advantage of its force-feedback capabilities. The controller also features Game Sprockets support. However, like other controllers currently out in the market, it is currently unsupported by OS X.

Overall, the review itself is quite positive, naming the iShock II "the best game pad for the Mac that we've ever tested." For the full review, be sure to check it out at Mac Game Database.

Mac Game Database - iShock II Review

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