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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

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New Unit for Warcraft III Revealed
8:53 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As the development cycle of Blizzard's upcoming RTS title Warcraft III continues apace, more and more information is slowly being leaked to the general public. Newest among the news bits is an addition to the ever-swelling ranks of the Undead race. Named the Gargoyle, this unit features a very bat-like appearance, complete with huge wings and pointed ears.

Here's the descriptive clip straight from the W3 site:

The dreaded Gargoyles of Northrend are voracious flying creatures who revel in slaughter and mayhem. Brought from the frozen north by the armies of the Lich King, these strange, wiry flyers have rough, crystaline hides which protect them from all manner of attacks. In times of great peril, gargoyles can land and condense their hides into a a stone-like surface. Though they are unable to attack in this state, Gargoyles can take time to regenerate their wounds and replenish their energies.
For those interested in seeing the unit in action, there's an animated pic accompanying the description that depicts the Gargoyle in flight. Be sure to check out the Races page at the official WC3 site for more info on this unit, as well as previously revealed units.

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Warcraft III - Gargoyle Unit
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Archives  News  New Unit for Warcraft III Revealed