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Wednesday, October 10, 2001
MJ on Myth III Mac Release and Optimizations
10:14 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Myth Village spotted an interesting thread in the MythWolfAge forums which features a few posts from MumboJumbo members Mike Donges and Andrew Meggs. They discuss the simultaneous Mac/PC release of Myth III: The Wolf Age, and how MacSoft is going to try its darndest to get the Mac version out as quickly as possible. Donges first responded to put Mac fears to rest:

The Mac version is being developed simultaneous to the PC version by Andrew and his crew. When we make a PC build, we make a Mac build. Our engineering crew has some of the most experienced Mac game engineers out there. You have nothing to fear. In fact, the performance on Mac OS X on a G4 is unbelieveable. Think of a G4 performing better than a PC twice it's speed. I kid you not. Plus, we were playing some Mac to PC games yesterday, and all is looking good.

MacSoft has every intention of delivering the Mac version in very short order. They are a very professional and experienced publisher. I cannot commit for them for a specific date, but they are very excited about the game, and have no interest in making Myth Mac fans wait.

In a later post, he notes G4 owners will indeed get a boost from Altivec enhancements and the recent release of OS X 10.1:
Indeed, Myth III does take andvantage of Altivec. Not only that, but a G4 466 (single processor) with a Radeon on Mac OS X 10.1 performs just as well as a PIII-933 with a GeForce2GTS. Perhaps a bit smoother. This is nothing against the Nvidia card or PIIIs and Athlons (they perform very nicely), but it does speak well for the power of the G4 and the speed of Mac OS X.
Andrew Meggs chimes in later with comments about multiprocessors (not supported yet) and their true target hardware. Here's the scoop:
To answer another question, the game doesn't see a lot of benefit from multiprocessing, but the architecture is such that it could be modified to do so rather easily if we do a patch or add-on. Our priority right now has been focused on squeezing every bit of performance out of older iMacs and Celerons rather than getting it to go even faster on a dual Xeon 1.5 GHz.
Very good news on all fronts for Mac gamers. While G4 owners will be glad to hear of such great results, slower G3 machines aren't going to be left out of the picture either. Myth III is in its final stages of completion now and is expected out for Mac and PC in the next month.

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