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Tuesday, October 9, 2001
New Shadowbane Site, Contest
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News about Shadowbane has been quite scarce lately, as the team crafting this MMORPG goes into "crunch time" and assembles the final elements. However there are two events of note today -- Wolfpack has moved the Shadowbane web site to an Ubi Soft address and server, which makes perfect sense as they are the future publisher of the title, and spokesperson "Ashen Temper" has announced a fan fiction contest. The deadline is quite short (November 1st) and the requirements are long (2500-3000 words) but the prize they have to offer is beyond any dedicated Shadowbane fan's dreams: A free copy of Shadowbane signed by the Wolfpack Development Team and a Shadowbane beta account. Here are the details:

We would like to welcome you to the new website which is now online and ready to handle all of your Shadowbane information and download needs. Eventually this website will be completely redesigned and remodeled from the ground up, which will also include some fantastic new forum software. These updates are currently in development, so stay tuned for more information on the scheduled release dates for these new features.

We only have one announcement today, and that is the beginning of our new Wolfpack / Ubi Soft Shadowbane Fan Fiction Contest! Here is your chance to get a Shadowbane Beta Account and a free copy of Shadowbane, autographed by the Shadowbane Development Team!

The Fan Fiction contest rules are pretty simple and straight forward. Here are the basic rules:

Write an original short story of 2500 to 3000 words in length, which is based in the Shadowbane Universe.

The protagonists of your stories cannot be major "named" figures from the Shadowbane backstory. While prominent figures (like Cambruin, Zeristan, or Beregund) can appear in your tale, we strongly recommend that they be used sparingly, and in a supporting role.

There is no limitation to when your story can be set - the Age of Strife, the War of Tears, or even the Age of Twilight are all valid. Bear in mind, however, that the events of your story cannot be the deciding factor or the direct cause of any major events in the Official backstory, and cannot directly contradict the descriptions of those events as revealed so far. No, we do not want to see your take on what actually caused the Turning, or who the Traitor was; unless, of course, it is done as a part of narrative style, and told as an opinion of one of the characters in your story.

Obviously this content is meant for those who have read through the extensive "backstory" elements listed on the Shadowbane web site and have pored over the official forums for other details released by the team. Sharpen your pencils and get to work, that November deadline is fast approaching!

Shadowbane Fan Fiction Contest
Wolfpack Studios

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