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Tuesday, October 9, 2001
Apple on Backyard Sports
10:37 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Apple's latest article published to their Games page centers around two new titles from children's software maker Humongous Entertainment. Titled Backyard Football 2002 and Backyard Basketball, these titles sport pint-sized cartoonish characters and aim to capture what it feels like to play sports as a kid in a backyard or local sandlot.

Here's a clip from the intro:

Remember when you were a kid and you went down to the local playground to shoot hoops on the blacktop or get together a game of football out on the field? Thatís the spirit of Backyard Sports: easy-to-play sports games that are geared toward kids, with junior versions of their favorite NBA, WNBA, and NFL stars thrown in for fun.
The real-life stars included in these games include the NBA's Kevin Garnett, the WNBA's Lisa Leslie, and NFL players Brett Favre, Ricky Williams, and Donovan McNabb. Not to be outdone, the Backyard Kids (30 in all) each have their own stats, personalities and background stories.

Besides the usual one-on-one play, both titles will also feature league play, customizable players, various stages and a variety of stats. Both titles should be released sometime this month, and will be on hybrid Mac/PC CDs.

For more information on these upcoming titles, Apple's article boasts several pictures as well as system requirements. The official Humongous Sports site also has plenty of information, including a stats checker and several mini-games.

Apple - Kids are Winners! With Backyard Sports for the Mac
Humongous Sports

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