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Monday, October 8, 2001
Deimos Rising Reaches Beta 5
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Early today author David Wareing updated the progress log for scrolling shooter Deimos Rising with the news that this sequel has reached another beta milestone, now at Beta 5. While the numbering scheme used for betas is often arbitrary, the fact that another phase of testing has been reached is good news in itself.

Deimos Rising is the much-anticipated sequel to the title Mars Rising, an homage to the classic top/down scrolling shooters of the arcades. No mere retread, Deimos is an example of cutting-edge visuals and technology, and we're sure the long wait for this title will be rewarded.

The progress update confirms that a Carbon version of the game will be created as well. Here's the full text:

Beta 5 will be released to the testers very soon - just some scripting to finish and the difficulty curve to adjust in the earlier levels.

It's been a long haul, but we're almost there. The game is playing well, is rock-solid and induces RSI in less than three minutes of play. Woo hoo!

Outstanding Carbonisation work will commence as soon as the gameplay is locked down. Whether or not the game will be released as a Carbon app initially depends a lot on how well this process goes. Current minimum system requirements are OS 8.6 and a rev B iMac. (Older hardware will still play the game well if video options are used.)

RSI stands for Repetitive Stress Injury, in case anyone was curious. We'll bring you more news on this title as it is available, but in the meantime make sure you visit the screen shot gallery; although the material there is somewhat out of date, it is still quite impressive.

Deimos Rising Progress Log
Deimos Rising Screen Shots, Movies

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Archives  News  Deimos Rising Reaches Beta 5