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Monday, October 8, 2001
More on Myth III's Multiplayer
9:02 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Readers may remember a recent report that the upcoming RTS title Myth III announced its usage of the GameSpy application for its multiplayer games. A beta tester going by the name Blambi recently posted in Myth Village's forums with his multiplayer experiences, with most of the comments being quite positive.

Blambi notes that, once a game is in session, GameSpy has a "0 out of 10" effect on the game. The only change he notes is that the player list takes up much less space and is now scrollable.

He also notes that, before joining a game, GameSpy does show up, and lists some examples:

Options lag is a thing of the past. You can change the settings of a game (either while initially hosting it or once people have joined) and still chat at the same time. Where the pregame image used to be is all the options (the pregame image might still be going there as a background, this is a work in progress remember), so everything you need is right in front of you all the time (btw - you can also select text with the mouse now, the annoying days of holding down the arrow keys are gone). Non-host players see the options right where they always go.
Blambi was immediately bombarded with various question from other forum users, which he attempts to answer as best he can. For those interested in the thread, be sure to check it out at Myth Village's forums. Though GameSpy is a PC-specific program, we have been told that they will be adapting this game-finding service to the Mac and will directly integrate it into the Mac version of Myth III.

Myth Village Forums - The Take on M3 GameSpy Multiplayer

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