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Friday, October 5, 2001
Aspyr Says No Cocoa Alice, Elite Force
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For quite some time there has been a somewhat unclear relationship between the Omni Group and Mac publisher Aspyr Media. In late Spring it became apparent that both Omni and Westlake Interactive were working on an OS X-native version of American McGee's Alice, with Brad Oliver creating a Carbon version while Omni worked on a Cocoa (another native OS X API) version. Amid conflicting reports, the Alice version from Omni dropped out of sight. Omni was also working on a Cocoa version of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force since early this year, and this is nearly complete according to records on their web site.

Aspyr Media has made a final decision concerning the fate of these two Cocoa ports created by Omni, and released a statement today to clarify the situation. Here is the full text:

With the release of OS X Aspyr had to take a leap into uncharted waters and
determine the future of Aspyr games. Our first OS X titles were carbonized
by Westlake, allowing both 9 and X users the opportunity to enjoy the latest
and greatest games. However, in an effort to better understand cocoa and
OSX we sent code of titles that were already in conversion to the Omni Group
for evaluation.

The Omni Group has been very helpful in explaining the cocoa process to us
and helping us understand some of the cool features of OSX. However, we
have been completely satisfied with Westlake's performance in providing high
quality carbonized games in a timely manner. We are fortunate to have two
great porting houses available in the Mac industry.

However, there will be no release of any cocoa versions of any of Aspyr's
current titles.

For clarification purposes, Omni has released the following statement,
regarding their evaluation work:

"We had fun working on these ports (and getting to play the games early),
and although we would of course love to have people play our code, what's
most important is that the Mac platform gets great games; it makes no sense
for us to duplicate efforts," says Wil Shipley of the Omni Group.

Aspyr will continue to research the cocoa process but completely supports
the dual compatibility of the carbonization done by Westlake.

As for the Omni Group,"There are a lot of games out there that need to come
to the Mac, and for a lot of them doing OS X only ports is great, so we are
staying very busy," says Shipley.

Omni may be referring to their current work in progress, an OS X-only port of Giants: Citizen Kabuto that will be one of the few games on the Mac platform to have native support for dual-processor systems. The Cocoa port of Elite Force had also been enabled to use these powerful (albelit rare) dual-CPU machines.

The fate of Omni's other unreleased Cocoa game ports (Oni, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2) is unknown at this time, but we're sure that will be addressed once Giants goes gold in the near future.

Aspyr Media
The Omni Group

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Archives  News  Aspyr Says No Cocoa Alice, Elite Force