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Friday, October 5, 2001
IMG Interviews Mike Donges on Myth III
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Today IMG has posted an interview with Mike Donges, Executive Producer at Mumbo Jumbo, on a topical subject -- Myth III: The Wolf Age, which is in Beta and widely expected to go Gold by the end of this month. To say this title is highly-anticipated would be pushing the very limits of understatement, and legions of Myth I and II fans are eager to see what this new company can do with an old storyline and a totally overhauled version of the now-dated game engine.

Among the many topics discussed in the interview Donges provides details on the game's extensibility, the included game editing tools, the use of narration or cutscenes to illustrate the plot and much more. As those who have been following the development of this title know, Myth III is a prequel to the previous two titles, setting the stage for the epic battles that follow.

As you might expect, the issue of fan loyalty to original series developer Bungie comes up:

IMG: As it seems clear that some gamers are still playing Myth I and many still enjoy Myth II, what does this prequel have to offer that will lure the <> <> old-school Myth players away from their favorite and make them play a game that was (gasp!) not developed by Bungie?

Donges: Bungie was a very unique developer/publisher. They created two very enduring series in Myth and Marathon. Looks like they are doing neat stuff with Halo. MumboJumbo is a very unique developer. This team was put together to make this game. Before the first person was hired, Scott Campbell, the designer of the RPG Fallout, created the same design document that we are using today. Nary a word has changed in over a year. Knowing exactly the game that we wanted to make allowed us the luxury of picking just the right people to realize the design. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only way to make a game. Start with a clear and developed vision and don't change it. It will be hard for people to see that until they have Myth III in their hands, but they will get the idea and see the payoff of that development ethic. Ultimately, I think that we have taken the series into a direction that is very much in line with the spirit of the universe that Bungie sketched out, while exercising the creativity and talent of the team here at MumboJumbo. Sounds like a nice spin, but the most pleasure that a biz guy like myself can get out of working in this crazy business is getting a chance to work with some of the finest artists and programmers in the world and see the game come together on a daily basis.

For the rest of the interview, follow the link below; expect much more information about this prequel to be released in the remaining few weeks before it hits store shelves. Two new screen shots are also included.

Interview: Mike Donges of Mumbo Jumbo

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