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Thursday, October 4, 2001
Baldur's Gate Fan Fiction Winner Chosen
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The IMG Network site Mac Baldur has posted the winner from their fan fiction contest, after much deliberation. James Pinhorn's short fiction piece Free at Last was chosen as the best description of a character set in the Baldur's Gate universe.

Here is an excerpt from the 600-word piece:

Sleeveen awoke to the sound of choking in the night. It was not
unexpected, but it chilled him to the bone nonetheless. Even though he had
arranged it all, murder in the night was something to which he was going to
have to become accustomed. The gurgling sounds of the tightening throat in
the next bedroom brought a reluctant smile to his face.

The next morning he began the drama, running out of the little cottage
screaming in horror, "Uncle! No!". The townspeople came running, curious
and comforting, and discovered the blue body hanging from the side of the
bed. "Finally drank himself to death," they whispered to each other in
disgust. No trace of the poison could be found, the hired assassins had
been completely untraceable.

For the rest of the piece, head to Mac Baldur. For his trouble Pinhorn won a prize package which includes full copies of Summoner, Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's II and a one-year MGCD subscription. Congratulations to him and our thanks to all of the companies (and judges) that participated.

Mac Baldur

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